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B-TEC Industriële Automatisering BV

25 years of groundbreaking
Automation as Full System Integrator

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Do you have an automation problem or needs your machinepark an Upgrade.

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B-TEC Industriële Automatisering BV is strong in delivering innovation, targeted development and giving real advice.
The trust of our relations is based on thoroughness in the construction and execution of our automation projects.
Our project engineers, analyze, design and take the initiative ourselves.
From the first moment you get the feeling that we mediate for you, as if every expertise comes directly from first hand.
We analyze your question and offer the right solution.
Also during commissioning we remain determined, and work towards the finish line.
Here, inventiveness and knowledge of other disciplines is extremely important. This keeps our experience up to date, and this provides a new source of inspiration for follow-up projects.